Who are we?

ALLSORTS has been running since 2nd March 2007. 

The club is called “ALLSORTS” – Which reflects the leaders’ views that life is made up of “all sorts” of people, including children and teens and that each one is special to God.

Morag Flower and Karen Chapman joint lead the club.  

Both have been involved in children’s work in Torrington for a number of years, leading another children’s club and a number of holiday clubs in the town.  

Morag also works as a primary school teacher in the town. 

We have a strong team of helpers without whom the club could not function. These include teenagers who have come through the club themselves.

The ethos of the team has always been to work within the community and to build relationships with the families as well as the children.  

The Great Torrington Bluecoat school hall is an ideal venue and offers ample space for games and sports.

The club’s objective is for children to have fun in a safe environment, in which they know that they are individually valued.  

We like to keep the evening programme fast moving and varied.   

We also put an emphasis on the children having fun and freedom on a Friday evening at the end of the school week!  

It is not the quietest club in town!  We do ask however that the children respect those times when we talk about Jesus and pray.

Our activities extend beyond a Friday evening, with extra events for the children and their families. 


See some of the things we get up to elsewhere in the website.


A couple of years after ALLSORTS started some of our children had already outgrown the club.  

To cater for them we started ALLSORTS Plus for the 10+ age group which runs on Fridays from 8.00 – 9.15pm. 





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